Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Personal Story: Health Insurance

As business owners My husband and I had company insurance. Medical insurance for employees is more expensive for the small company than for large corporations. If the small business has anyone on the plan with pre-existing conditions the cost is driven higher for every employee on that plan. For the large companies that is not the case. True the larger the pool the more costs are absorbed.

However, at one time, small business owners could unite to create a large pool. Regulations no longer permit that. (I do not know if it is due to State regulations, Federal regulations, or both)

Solution: Allow co-ops. As citizens we should be allowed to unite, and create non-profit insurance pools independent of business if we so through Churches, professions and other organizations. We should also be allowed to cross State lines to do so

Simple solutions such as this are far less complicated, they are constitutionally legal (Federally run health care is not legal as per the U.S. Constitution), and there is less chance of pork (a nice word for theft) than with the Federal Government's thousand plus pages that no one can read.

There is no need for protesters to holler or disrupt meetings. The law and common sense are on their side.

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